born ~April 2015

50 lbs.

Crate trained!


“So true, so sweet, so noble.” – Abraham Van Helsing about Mina Harker, Dracula by Bram Stoker (1897)

Welcome Mina, our one year old, 43 pound black beauty. Behind that serious exterior you see in Mina’s pictures, is a sweet, goofy girl who loves to spin and hop around when she’s happy!

Not only can Mina rock a bandana, she also rocks at being house trained and kennel trained. Mina always signals whenever she has to go out, and has not had a single accident in Foster Mom’s house. She has already mastered that “go to bed” means to go to her kennel, and is relaxed while inside it! On top of that, this fast learner knows “come,” “focus,” and “sit.”

Mina currently lives with other dogs, and does well with them. As she’s gotten more comfortable in Foster Mom’s house, she has become more playful with her dog-mates, and enjoys sharing her toys with them! Mina especially loves to play with her toys, and has a favorite move of wiggling on her back while holding a toy in her mouth. She doesn’t need a lot of exercise, just a few walks and play sessions should be sufficient for her.

Mina can sometimes be a little shy around new friends, but quickly gets over it. Otherwise, you can expect her to be all about getting pets and giving kisses in return! Foster Mom affectionately described Mina as an angel, and once you meet Mina you’ll see why. 💖

Ready to give Mina more reasons to do her happy spin hops? Then contact us today!

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