born ~March 2019

35 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

Nearly Housebroken!!!

WALL-E: [M-O has finished cleaning a severely damaged WALL-E, who strains to give a handshake]  “WALL-E.”

MO: [scrubs WALL-E’s hand, then shakes it]  “M-O.” [M-O reverts to his box form]\

WALL-E: [pause] “M-O?”

MO:  “M-O!”    – Wall-E (2008)

Introducing Mo! Mo is about eleven months old and currently weighs around 33 pounds, but he’s a little underweight currently. When Mo is filled out, and at his best, he will likely weigh around 45 pounds!

Our buddy Mo is currently working on house and crate training! He’s nearly got the hang of house-training, and hasn’t had a single accident since his first day in his foster home (which is scary, so totally understandable!) He sleeps through the night without any accidents and doesn’t peep! Mo was a little unsure of being alone in his kennel while his best friend (his Foster Dad) was away, but now he’s a pro and spends the day napping away!

Mo LOVES people! He is a little bashful at first, but then he can’t hold himself back and you’ll find him wiggling up to you! He does his signature “melt on the human’s feet” and it’s incredibly endearing! Once he knows you’re his buddy, he’ll bring you his toys and sit in your lap (with all 33 pounds of him!)

Right now, Mo is pretty laid back. He likes to lounge the day away on Foster Dad’s couch, often upside down! With a short walk, and one or two play sessions, Mo seems to be satisfied. It seems that really all Mo wants is to be near and around his person – a little shadow, if you will.

With his brains, and his cute little grumble noises, Mo is the total package! Are you in the market for a dog like Mo? Contact us today!


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