born ~ March 2015

47 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!


“Don’t ask me to change, because I can’t.” Mumble, Happy Feet

Introducing Mumble! At 5 years old and 47 pounds, this sweet girl is just the right size! She has the most amazing ears and the cutest dance, earning her the name “Mumble”; just like the character from Happy Feet, she just can’t help her jig! Mumble is also currently recovering from hair loss due to flea allergy, so her back is a little bare while it grows (but we don’t judge!) 

Mumble is completely house-trained and working on crate-training. She doesn’t have any accidents, and will go outside when Foster Mom asks her to (or just stay inside when she doesn’t have to go). Mumble currently doesn’t love her crate (there’s not a lot of room to dance!) but will go in with a good nudge, and she’s learned to respond to “go to bed.” 

Mumble lives with other dogs and does well with them. She’s not too interested in play, but co-exists well and is happy to nap with the crowd! She should be fed apart from other dogs because this girl loves her food (us too, Mumble!). 

Mumble, however, should NOT live with cats. She thinks they’re a bit too strange to co-exist with and would do better in a home without them. 

This girl loves humans, whether it be giving them kisses or getting pets – she loves being around her two-legged counterparts. Mumble recently met a six-year-old, and she didn’t react to him jumping around or moving quickly around her. She also met an infant, and just gave her some kisses on her feet! She’s a good mix between wanting attention, and being okay with just being around. 

Mumble is becoming so much more playful and joyful at her foster home, and she’ll do some vigorous jazz hands to let her mom know how much she appreciates breakfast and dinner being prepared for her. How grateful! 

Mumble doesn’t need much exercise and doesn’t exactly love walking on the leash, but Foster Mom is happy to report that she has made progress in the last week! For now, she’s happy with a little prance or two to get her jumpies out. 

Are you looking for a duet partner for your next dance? Mumble is your girl! Contact us today.


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