born ~October 2016

14 lbs.

Nearly crate trained

Nearly housebroken

Welcome Nigel! This optimistic dachshund x chi x possibly jack russell mix is about 2 years old, and weighs about 14 pounds.

Nigel is almost housebroken! Foster Mom is still learning what Nigel’s signals are, which typically are laying by the door or jumping around for attention. Once Nigel picks a consistent potty signal we’ll be able to confidently say that he is housebroken! Nigel is also almost crate trained! He still needs some coaxing to go into the crate, but then settles down. He does have a dream of becoming a world-class opera singer, so you can sometimes hear him practicing in his crate once you leave. With some more exposure to staying in his crate he should quickly learn to treat it as a nice lil man cave!

Nigel is feline-friendly! He currently lives with a cat, and Foster Mom told us that they sometimes sleep together! During his pre-ACR life, Nigel met a bunch of kids at his stint in the local animal shelter. They told us that he did great with the kids there, and we think he’d make a good companion for some kids! Nigel is also friendly with other pups, and currently lives with another dog. Nigel has a playful demeanor and he loves being around other pets, especially if they are willing to play with him!

If he isn’t trying to get Foster Mom’s attention to play, you can bet that he will probably be trying to get her attention for a lil snuggle session. The attention-getting isn’t one sided – Nigel will try to shower you with kisses and snuggles too! If his Foster Mom or other buddies are busy, he’ll try to find something else to do to entertain himself, or find a nice spot to nap in. As far as energy goes, he would be content with a few long walks throughout the day or the occasional trip to the dog park.

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