Opal – Adopted!!!


born ~August 2013

17 lbs.

Crate trained!


Welcome Opal! This doxie x corgi x adorableness mix is 5 years old. Opal weighed a hefty 23lbs when she first came to ACR, but has slowly worked her way down to 17.6 pounds while on her diet! Opal will soon be recovering from cruciate ligament surgery, and will be available for adoption after that time.

Opal is house broken and crate trained! She knows that outside is where she does her business, and that indoors are for lounging and watching TV. Sometimes allowed the run of the house when Foster Mom is gone, and will nap the day away on the couch. As soon as Foster Mom returns, Opal runs up, puts her paws up, and begs for some doggy hugs and love! Opal is definitely her happiest when able to relax with her people (AKA her Foster Mom, currently) and chillax on the couch.

Opal lives with many other dogs, and is fine with them! She’s generally the more relaxed dog out of her canine siblings, but has gained some energy since losing weight! You’ll often find her refereeing a dog wrestling match or playing a game of chase. However, Opal is a fan of her getting her beauty rest, and isn’t afraid to use her voice to tell the young whippersnappers to calm down! Opal may not be best fit to live with small children, as she can get a bit snappy when overwhelmed or scared (like most people!). As far as her other human relationships go, Opal has told us that she believes in solid friendships – so be prepared to give your newfound best friend some time. But, given a few butt rubs and some treats, Opal will turn into a very affectionate pup! Foster Mom told us that Opal loves to get pets and sleep beside her, occasionally nuzzling Foster Mom’s hand when she wants more pets. 😊

Overall, Opal is a pretty laid-back gal. Her favorite time of day is her walks, and through these Opal has learned that the world isn’t as scary as she once thought it was. However, Opal is still very scared by loud noises, and needs reassurance that everything will be okay when she hears them. Opal is content with few short play sessions in the yard where she can attack balls and toys that are twice her size or practice playing fetch, and loves trying to convince Foster Mom to give her more treats!

Think you’re the best friend that Opal can gossip to? Contact us today!

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