Opie – Coming Soon!


born ~January 2018

19 lbs.

Crate trained!


Welcome Opie! Opie is ~1 year old, and weighs about 20 pounds. This southern gentleman is done with growing, so this should be about as big as he’ll get!

Opie is potty trained! He doesn’t have signal yet, but holds it until given the chance to go outside. Opie is also kennel trained, and just needs a little food encouragement to go and lay down in his kennel. He seems to view the kennel as a safe space, and stays pretty quiet in it while Foster Mom is gone. Besides basic training, Opie is also working on becoming more comfortable while on leash.

Opie is feline-friendly! He previously lived with cats during his stint on a farm, and didn’t really care about the cats at the vet’s office. Opie is also good with other dogs, he just needs a little time to warm up to them first before being his fully friendly self. Opie can be a bit shy upon first meeting, with both human- and canine-friends, but quickly opens up once he realizes that you just want to hang out. Opie has also been around children, and did well with them.

Opie is a pretty laid back dog! He is currently content with just a few short jogs in the backyard. He may be a bit more energetic once he gets more comfortable in his foster home, but we’ll update here if that changes. Besides that, Opie is content to lounge around with his people and soaks up all the attention his people give him. He is able to self-entertain when attention is not provided, and is happy to just chill on his own.

During Opie’s neuter surgery our vet staff noticed some unusual readings about his heart rate from their machines.  Opie has seen a specialist and they have confirmed that he has what is called Ventricular Premature Contractions or VPCs. The good news is the condition is not caused by a structural defect of the heart, however it does mean we need to do more diagnostics to figure what exactly is causing the VPCs.  Over the next month we will be performing a variety of tests and will update Opie’s profile when we learn more. Until we have an answer, Opie will need to stay with Foster Mom, but we are crossing our fingers he will be ready for adoption soon!

Think you’re the one for our southern gentleman when he is ready for adoption? Contact us today!

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