born ~May 2018

12 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

House Trained!!!

“I don’t have anything to prove anymore. I can relax.” Paloma Picasso

Introducing Paloma! At around two years old, and around fifteen pounds, this girl with her tiny ears and big eyes will win your heart. 

Paloma is already house-trained AND crate-trained. She hasn’t had any accident in the home or her crate. She goes into her crate with only a little complaint but settles and chews her bone quickly. While the crate isn’t always her favorite place, a snack or two definitely helps!

Paloma currently lives with other dogs in her foster home and is bouncy and fun! She hops around and is corrected easily when necessary. When the dog park opens, she’d be a great small dog to bring to play! 

This little girl has a BIG voice, and she wants everyone to know it! When she meets new people, she is begging for your attention by calling for you and then once you’re at arms length, she melts into a puddle and you’re best friends! She’s as friendly as they come, and she wants everyone to know it. 

Paloma loves snuggling, but is happy being independent too. If she’s feeling cuddles, she’ll hop onto your shoulder or lap, and hang out. But if she wants to do her own thing, she will – finding a toy or other dog to play. 

She is a firecracker! Foster Mom compares her to a flea, always bouncing around from spot to spot. She enjoys getting her wiggles out – whether that be through parkouring around the living room furniture, or playing in the backyard, she’ll wear herself out. 

Paloma is exactly what you’d want in a little dog. What are you waiting for? Contact us today! 


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