born ~January 2020

30 lbs.

Learning Crate Training! 

Learning Housebreaking! 

“Pearls were accidents, and the finding of one was luck, a little pat on the back by God or the gods or both.” – John Steinbeck, The Pearl

Welcome Pearl! This precious girl is 10-months old and about 30 pounds at the moment, but we think she may gain another 10 or so before she’s fully grown! 

Pearl is pretty new to housebreaking and crate-training, but is she getting better every day. She is able to sleep all night long, and she doesn’t need to be let out for a midnight bathroom break. It’s going to take her a little while longer and more practice to be able to learn to hold her bladder when she has to go! Pearl is getting used to her crate, but she won’t go in on command yet. She spends a few minutes protesting that she’s been sequestered from everyone else in the house, but after she gets that out of her system, she can settle down and relax.

Pearl LOVES spending time with other dogs, and she particularly loves to cuddle with her big brother Mango. Based on what we can tell so far in the time we’ve had her, she seems like the kind of girl everyone loves to be around!

When Pearl meets a new face, she can be on the bashful side, but if the person has a treat, she is very quick to overcome that shyness and will be their new best friend. Pearl prefers to be around people, but she can be slow to give affection. If she’s giving away a kiss or lays her head down on your lap, you know you’ve made it! 

Like a lot of puppies her age, Pearl definitely benefits from getting outside and getting some of those puppy wiggles out. Running around outside, chasing a ball, or daily walks would be great exercise for her, and once she gains some more confidence, she might like a trip to go play with some friends at the dog park.

This pearl of a girl may not have had the best beginnings in life, but she is sure to shine in the right setting. Could it be with you? Contact us today!

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