Pearlie – Coming Soon!


born ~January 2019

15.5 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

Nearly House-broken!

“The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens.”  Grace Kelly

Introducing Pearlie! At 15.5 pounds and about 1-2 years old, this girl is done growing! With her gorgeous white fur, Pearlie is an absolute gem! Unfortunately, Pearlie has been experiencing some abdominal issues that we are working to get to the bottom of! If you are interested in helping with Pearlie’s veterinary costs, please check out our Donations page. 

Pearlie has nearly got the hang of both house AND crate-training! She currently keeps her crate totally clean, and has had very few accidents in her house. She does a very good job of “holding it” until her humans get back, and while she doesn’t go in the crate on her own, she stays quiet until her humans return! Our girl knows sit, and is learning “stay” and “down”. 

Pearlie currently lives with another dog, and loves it! She does well when her canine friends come to visit, and can’t help but talk to all of the canine pals who pass her by on walks! Foster Mom thinks she’d be an excellent dog park dog once she’s feeling 100% herself again! 

Our sweet gem is a little shy of people at first but then is a total love bug when she knows you’re a friend! She loves getting all the attention from new (and old) friends! And on that note, it’s important to highlight that Pearlie LOVES snuggles of all kinds! She loves to be as close to humans at all times – whether that’s sleeping in your arms, sleeping in your bed, or sitting on your lap! 

This little girl has got some good energy, but also is happy to just lay around with her people. She’ll self-entertain when she’s restless, but would love to go on long walks or have rowdy play sessions! She’s great at wearing herself out and then finding the best place to snooze. 

Pearlie is currently searching for a home with ample throw pillows for her to perch on. Is your home furnished by “Pillows’n’More”? Pearlie is your girl! Contact us today! 

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