Peter – Adopted!!!


born ~April 2018

62 lbs.

Learning crate training!


“To live would be an awfully big adventure!” Peter Pan

Welcome Peter! This handsome redhead weighs in at an impressive 62 pounds at two years old! 

Peter is housebroken! He sleeps through the night, and while he doesn’t have a “I have to go!” signal, he holds it until he gets to go outside. Peter is working on crate-training currently, and is still having some qualms about being locked in the kennel by himself. He’s working on it with Foster Mom and is slowly making strides in learning that his kennel is his safe place.

Peter currently lives with cats and other dogs. Peter is pretty intimidated by cats and doesn’t understand why they don’t want to be his friends. He’s slowly building his confidence with them, and trying his best to win them over! When it comes to other dogs, Peter does great! He’d be a great dog park dog once they open back up. 

As far as people go, Peter is a confident guy! He loves his humans and becomes especially loyal to “his” person! He gives great hugs, and is a huge snuggler, making him the perfect couch buddy! 

Peter is a laid-back dog and you can find him lying around most days, just enjoying the time he gets to relax. He’d be perfect for a family who takes short walks and then watches a movie (or two!) on the couch together. 

Looking for a laidback boy with the sweetest wrinkles? Peter is your guy! Contact us today!


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