Phoebe – Adoption Pending!


born ~January 2018

18 lbs.

Crate trained!


“Phoebe: That’s ‘p’ as in ‘Phoebe,’ ‘h’ as in ‘heobe,’ ‘o’ as in ‘oebe,’ ‘e’ as in ‘ebe,’ ‘b’ as in ‘bebe’ and ‘e’ as in ‘ello there, mate.’ ” – Phoebe Buffay, Friends

Welcome Phoebe! Phoebe is a 1-year-old, 18 pound sweetheart. Unlike her extroverted Friends counterpart, Phoebe tends tends to be a bit shy at first –  but opens up once she knows you just want to give her some love!

Phoebe is potty trained! Phoebe signals by standing by the door, and has yet to have an accident in her Foster Home. She is also kennel trained, and will go straight into her kennel after someone opens its door. Phoebe’s Foster Parents have been reinforcing the kennel as a safe space by giving Phoebe her meals and some treats in there.

Before coming to ACR, Phoebe lived with a canine brother who was quite the bully to her. This has left her scarred (physically and emotionally) so she doesn’t like to share her house with male or dominant female dogs. She adores her foster-sister though and they are often caught snuggling together. Outside the house, she’s good with all dogs and would love puppy-playdates with friends. With new people, Phoebe will still be a little shy at first, but warms up once she gets scratches and attention.

Phoebe is most content when she gets some play sessions throughout the day, a few short-medium walks, or a combination of those throughout the day! She loves chasing and wrestling with her canine-companion, and has a typical boxer play-style (all paws!). If she’s not playing, she prefers to be around her people – preferably taking a nap in their lap. 😊 Overall, Phoebe is a pretty affectionate and needy dog, so she would do best in a family that loves to give attention back!

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