born ~March 2016

40 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“As the legend goes, when the Phoenix resurrects from the flames she is even more beautiful than before” – Danielle LaPorte, Canadian author

Please give a round of applause and welcome Phoenix! Life has not been kind to her, as you can see, yet despite everything the world has thrown at her, Miss Phoenix is a world-class lady. Phoenix came to us a little bit underweight, but she’s put on a few pounds over the past months. This sweet girl has had a lot of medical care recently: she has been spayed, (Thanks, Athens Pets!), had a mammary mass removed, had 11 teeth removed, and has been through heartworm treatment, and she has been a trooper through all of it! Now that she’s healthy, she’s ready to settle in with her new family! 

Phoenix has been doing an excellent job with her housebreaking and crate training! She’s on medication to help her be able to keep control over her bladder, and with this help, she’s able to stay accident-free overnight and during the day. Phoenix LOVES her crate. She scampers in on command, keeps it clean, and will even put herself to bed. If it’s up to her, she’d prefer a full-sized human bed, but she won’t complain as long as she can cuddle up with something soft. Since her time with us, Phoenix has also learned commands like “sit” and “leave it,” and she loves to show off how smart she is! 

She has lived in homes with multiple other dogs, and she gets along well with them– particularly the puppies. Phoenix loves to act like a mama to any youngsters nearby! She loves her trips to the dog parks and spends her time there trying to steal pets from anyone and everyone. She’s particularly talented at using her big brown puppy dog eyes to get some love. Phoenix is sweet, quiet, submissive to everyone, and likes to greet with kisses. 

She’s happy to be part of the pack and loves being near her humans. Her number one love in life right now is a comfy blankie on a nice soft couch to curl up and nap on, and that’s how she spends most of her time. She would be in heaven if she could stay safe and secure on the couch with someone right next to her all day long! Most of the time, Phoenix is so quiet you almost don’t know she’s even there, every now and then, she’ll bark to let any pesky sirens know who’s boss. Other than snuggling, Phoenix’s other favorite activity is eating! When she hears her food hit the bowl, she’ll dash to her crate to await her tasty dinner, but sometimes she gets so excited about it that she’ll miss her crate all together and slide into the wall… Oops! 

Phoenix has been through the ringer in life, but as her Foster Mom likes to joke, she is such a sweet, friendly, and curious girl that her theme song in life should be “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid! If you are interested in adding this love-bug, or bird as it were, to your family then please contact us!



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