born ~January 2018

33 lbs.

Crate trained!

Nearly housebroken

Welcome Pippa! Pippa is just about a year old, and weighs 33 pounds. Pippa started her life out as an outside dog, and is quickly learning how fun it is to be a house dog!

Pippa is almost potty trained! She was a ball of nerves when ACR first rescued her, but as she has settled into her foster home she has learned that outside is for pottying! We want to give her a little more time to settle in before we can confidently say that she is fully potty trained. Pippa has shown to be a fast learner – and has already mastered kennel training. Pippa will walk into her kennel on command, and peacefully sleeps in there during the night. If people are out and about in the house while Pippa is kenneled, she will try to talk you into letting her join the party – but when everyone is away, Pippa doesn’t make a fuss.

Pippa is canine-friendly! She currently lives in a multi-dog household, and does well with them. Pippa definitely enjoys having other friends to play with, and has become a frequent visitor to the local dog park. Pippa is like a ping-pong ball, and bounces from one dog to another so that she can play with as many friends as possible! You’ll often find her just running around, or trying to play tag with the other dogs there. We haven’t yet seen her around children, but suspect that she will do good with them.

Pippa has a fair amount of energy and would benefit from a family who is willing to give her the exercise that she needs. She would make a good running partner for her future human companion or would benefit from having another canine-buddy to help her get her energy out. When Pippa is finished playing, she turns into an affectionate bundle of fur – she just wants to be loved on! While Pippa has significantly opened up since ACR rescued her, she still is working on building up her confidence as she explores what all this world has to offer!

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