Pixie & Puppies – Coming Soon!


born ~December 17, 2018

Mom: 13 lbs
Puppies: ~2 lbs

Puppies not crate trained

Puppies not housebroken

To honor some of the best movies of all time, ACR introduces the Pixar family!

Pixie’s a three year old, 15 lbs chihuahua-dachshund mix who came to ACR about 48 hours before giving birth. On December 17, 2018, Pixie gave birth to her adorable puppies. Pixie has been a great mother to her little ones, two boys and two girls.

Buzz: Ready to save the day from boredom, Buzz (Toy Story, 1995) loves to wrestle and play. This handsome black and tan pup is usually the one who starts puppy playtime.

Dug: Like his animated counterpart, Dug (Up, 2009) has a gorgeous golden-colored coat. Dug is the biggest pup (he’s a food hog) and enjoys following his sisters.

Eve: Off to explore new places, Eve (WALL-E, 2008) is the chocolate and tan female puppy. She is always the first to try new things and lead the way for her siblings.

Dot: Like her namesake, Dot (A Bug’s Life, 1998) is small but filled with sass. This tan and white pup always has something to say to her siblings or Foster Mom.

The puppies just turned four weeks old! They’ve spent the past few weeks trying to learn to walk, which involved a lot of falling on their faces. And they’ve recently started eating wet food. They continue to grow like weeds; the pups are now 1 lb 6 oz to 2 lb 3 oz. Check back for updates!

We are not accepting applications until January 28, 2019. Pixie and her puppies will be available to go to their forever homes February 11, 2019.

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