born ~February 2019

40 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!!!


“Pudge, my friend, we are [indestructible].” Looking For Alaska, John Green

Introducing Pudge! At around a year old and forty pounds, this black and white pup is as handsome as it gets! Though we think Pudge is great just the way he is, it’s likely he’ll need to lose a few pounds in order to get that perfect #beachbody! 

Pudge is housetrained! This happy boy lets Foster Mom know he has to go outside by jumping at the back door to let her know he’s gotta go! He also keeps his crate clean through a full workday and at night! Pudge, however, is still working on crate training. While he’s okay to settle down after a while, he fully believes he is the life of the party and wants everyone to know it! He doesn’t know any commands yet, but knows Foster Mom’s “boss lady” voice means business and for now, that’ll do. 

Our boy currently lives with another dog and is SO friendly and playful! Pudge is a fan of any and all four (or three!)-legged dog friends. He wants to love and be loved! He’s learning how to take social cues correctly from his friends, but is otherwise respectful when they tell them they’ve had enough! He’ll be a GREAT dog park dog once he’s neutered and able to go! 

Similarly, Pudge LOVES people! He’s incredibly confident and walks up to everyone, immediately throwing himself onto his back for belly rubs! Currently, he’s working on his manners and realizing that not everyone loves to be jumped on (who knew?!), and as soon as he’s got that down, he’ll be the best people greeter in all of Athens! 

Have we mentioned that Pudge has stubby legs? Because he does – which means he likely won’t be the next Usain Bolt, or the best endurance partner… BUT he does love being outside, so he’d do well on short walks/hikes, or playdates at the dog park! He has a keen sense of adventure, but again – stubby legs. Overall, he’s a pretty chill dog and has reserved his spot as close to Foster Mom as he can get every single time. 

Just as you’d expect, Pudge is a huge love muffin and loves to snuggle Foster Mom. If that means he has to squeeze between her back and the couch to get the good, good spot? He’ll do it. Foster Mom says, “if his joy could pay the bills, I’d never have to work another day in my life.” And that perfectly sums up what makes us love this sweet, happy boy. 

Pudge is a world-class guy with just that tiny bit of “extra” that makes you love him even more. Are you searching the classifieds for a cuddle buddy? Then put the newspaper down and contact us today!

Athens Canine Rescue
P.O. Box 7064
Athens, GA 30604