Raquel – Adopted!!!


born ~October 2018

38 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“I was a bigger-than-life persona before I was anyone in my own mind.” — Raquel Welch, American Actress

Welcome Raquel!! This 11 month old, 38 pound pup approaches all things gracefully with an interesting mix of conscientiousness and confidence – including taking over her foster brother’s bed on day one! Her most stylish feature is her unique white coat with chic spots only a pup named Raquel could adorn.

Raquel is potty trained! She lets Foster Mom know when she has to go by waiting by the backdoor. She is also kennel trained! Raquel will go into her kennel on command, but does appreciate it when Foster Mom gives her a treat for going in anyway. Once inside her kennel, Raquel quickly lays down to get comfortable and rests while Foster Mom is away. Right now Raquel is learning the commands “sit,” “come,” “off,” and “leave it.” Raquel also already has great leash manners – good job Raquel!

Raquel is dog-friendly! Even though she’s a puppy, Raquel isn’t crazy playful from the get-go. She likes playing, but needs a tiny bit of time to warm up and get ready to play. She tires out pretty quickly, so a short play session or a walk is really all she needs to get her wiggles out. Raquel can be a bit shy when meeting new people, but gets over that quickly. Once she knows you’re her friend, be ready for some bff cuddle sessions! 

Raquel is a wonderful, laid-back, and slightly quirky pup. She absolutely loves dog beds – they’re one of her favorite things! She also loves getting pets and getting attention, but isn’t demanding or needy about it – she just appreciates getting the love her person gives her. 

Think you’re ready to give Raquel the furever family she’s been dreaming of? Then contact us today!

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