Rascal – Pup of the Week!


born ~April 2019

55 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

Nearly Housebroken!!!

Rascal is our Pup of the Week!

“If I had the chance to make one wish, every single moment would be like this.” -Rascal Flatts, “Sunday Afternoon”

Welcome Rascal! This gentle giant is about 9 months old and already 60 pounds of love! He’s as lovable as they come in this size!

Rascal is nearly houstrained! He’s only had one accident so far, but other than that keeps his crate clean and sleeps through the night. Rascal is fully cratetrained! He’ll run in on command, and relaxes quietly, settling well in his kennel! He knows sit and is working on keeping all his feet down when he realizes he’s about to get some good pets!

Rascal does well with dogs once he gets to know them! He’s a bit unsure at first of new friends but once he realizes they’re pals, he’s good to go! He loves all of his foster siblings, and is great at the dog park! He’s also done really well with his fosters five-pound pup, which is encouraging regarding his cat behavior! As far as people go, Rascal is convinced that humans are the best! He’s best friends immediately with everyone he meets!

Just as most puppies do, Rascal loves to play! Surprisingly enough though, he doesn’t seem to need much exercise! Running around in the foster’s backyard is sufficient. He loves to play with his foster brother, Max, and play tug of war with him. They have a “bromance” and a very amusing one at that – whether it be tugging an actual rope toy, or muzzle to muzzle with a tiny stick! Other than that though, he is happy to just relax and get pets! He loves being the center of attention and getting love from his people.

Overall, Rascal is as goofy as they come. He’s a big ole lovable guy with a zest for life! Have you been searching for that reason to play tug of war every day? Then contact us!

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