born ~December 2019

36 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

Nearly Housebroken!!!

Callum: I feel so sorry that this all happened…

Rayla: Me too, Callum. But look at them, playing together. That’s the miracle. That’s hope! They’re the ones that are going to break the cycle.

-The Dragon Prince

Introducing Rayla! This sweet girl is just about 8 months old and weighs around 37 pounds. She’s still got some growing to do, so she’ll likely weigh a bit more when full grown. 

Rayla has been learning an awful lot about housebreaking and crate training lately! She is still a puppy, but she is catching on fast to the way things work. When she first came to us, she would go outside, but she wasn’t so sure about that system – now, she seems to have the hang of it and goes pretty quickly when mom takes her out for potty breaks. She holds her bladder all through the night in her crate, but since she’s still learning, it’s best that Rayla get let out every 2-3 hours if she isn’t in her crate. Foster mom has been teaching Rayla to signal when she needs to go out by sitting at the door. 

Rayla will go into her crate on command, but she appreciates a treat for that trick. Once she’s in and after she’s gotten over the excitement of getting a meal in her crate, she puts up a protest for a few minutes. She settles down pretty quickly though, and we hear she’s making great improvement!  If she can hear people moving around the house while she’s in the crate, she gets offended and will let her humans know she’d like to come out and join the party, but even then, she can settle herself down after a few minutes. 

So far, Rayla isn’t so sure about feline friends. She will ignore them when she’s alone, but if a foster sibling wants to start a game of chase, she’ll tag right along but then gets royally offended if a kitty hisses at her. A no-cat home would probably be best for Rayla. She’s gotten along well with every dog she has met so far and loves to meet new playmates! She’s still got a lot of that puppy energy and personality that makes her want to play, and she is such a lovable girl overall.

Rayla bounces between moments of high energy and hard snoozing, and she’s still got a few more months of that puppy energy. She loves going on walks. Even though she’s new to leash training too, she’s not pulling on the end very much. Foster mom reports that she has a cute little bounce to her walk, and she loves strutting her stuff down the street. Most of the time, Rayla just wants to be around her people and have them pet her as long as they are willing or curl up for some snuggles and a nap on the couch. She’s learning what is and is not available for chewing, but she responds well to corrections and is very treat-motivated in her training. 

Speaking of treat motivated… Rayla has learned so much since she joined the ACR family! She already knows “sit,” “leave it,” “focus,” “go to bed,” and “off.” Foster mom says she’s a little too smart though, and she isn’t sure who’s training who! When Rayla wants a treat, Rayla figures out how to get a treat – even if that means gaming the system. 

Rayla: “What’s that mom? You don’t want me to bite my leash?” 

Mom: “Correct, Rayla, please don’t bite the leash.”

Rayla: *bites leash* *side eye*

Mom: “Raylaaah. Leave it.” 

Rayla: *casually leaves it, as if that wasn’t her plan all along* *receives treat* 

*repeat game*

The key with this brilliant gem is to change up the game and keep her guessing. We’re pretty sure with the right partner, Rayla could use her mental powers to take over the world for good and make sure everybody gets all the treats they want all the time. That wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

Rayla is such a sweet girl with lots of love to share with her new family! Could it be yours? Contact us today! 


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