Rhea – Adopted!!!


born ~April 2018

6 lbs.

Learning crate training

Learning housebreaking

Welcome Rhea! Rhea is an ~1 year old lady, and weighs 6 pounds! She’ll probably stay around this weight since she is full grown.

Rhea is still learning what exactly “potty training” is supposed to mean. Rhea is a decently timid dog it can take a little bit for her to feel comfortable enough outside to do her business; but, Foster Mom is working hard on reinforcing when Rhea does go outside. We hope with all this positive encouragement that Rhea will be potty trained soon. Rhea is also working on her kennel training, and prefers when there is a blanket covering the kennel to make it more like a personal cave. She will gladly go into her kennel for meals, and with some added time we think Rhea will see her kennel as a quiet place to relax!

Rhea is feline-friendly! Rhea lives with three cats, and does extremely well with them. She is pretty indifferent towards them, and tends to leave them be. Rhea is also good with other dogs, but can become extra nervous around larger dogs. She tends to just like to watch the dogs play, but will occasionally run around with them as long as they don’t try to rough house with her. We haven’t seen her with children yet, but we imagine she would be great with them! Rhea is a fairly timid dog, but opens up quickly to new people once she realizes that they just want to snuggle. 😊 We think Rhea would do well with a a family that is willing to build up Rhea’s confidence and show her that the world isn’t as scary of a place as she thinks it is.

Rhea has a moderate amount of energy, but is content with a few 20-minute walks throughout the day or some zooming around the house. Besides that, Rhea would prefer to be snuggling up and hanging out with her people. If she’s feeling left out of the conversation, she’ll gently put a paw or two on your leg to ask to be picked up to be included in the hang out.

Think you’re the one to show Rhea just how exciting (and not scary) the world is? Contact us today!

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