born ~February 2018

42 lbs.

Crate trained!

Learning housebreaking

Welcome Richmond! Richmond is about a year old, and is working towards getting up to his ideal weight of 50ish pounds! We can’t wait to get to know him better, and he can’t wait to show off his hopping skills!

Richmond is almost potty trained! We think he was a farm dog for a while, so he’s still learning all the rules of living inside. Richmond takes well to correction, and is quickly learning that the outside is where he should do his business. Richmond is almost kennel trained. He is beginning to learn how to go into his kennel on command, but will go in easily with a little encouragement.

Richmond content to hang out with other dogs! He’s a little shy, so he’ll usually wait for a dog to invite him to play. But once Richmond knows that it’s playtime, he shows off how nimble he is on his feet by jumping all around them! He would make a great dog park dog, but doesn’t need that heavy exercise to tire him out – a few play sessions throughout the day are enough to keep him happy. However, as he grows more confident and comfortable in his Foster Home, he will probably need a little more exercise. We haven’t seen Richmond fully interact with cats yet, but suspect he would do well with them. Richmond was a little curious of the cats at the vet’s office, he was easily redirectable to ignoring them.

Richmond loves to get affection! Richmond is definitely a little shy, but absolutely loves it when his people give him some pets and ear scratches. He doesn’t demand that you give him affection, but will remind you of his presence by resting his head in your lap. 😊 Foster Mom is working on building up Richmond’s confidence, as he is still settling in and learning how great it is to be a family dog.

Overall, Richmond is a wonderful laid back pup! Think you’re ready to give Richmond his furever home? Contact us today!

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