born ~February 2019

36 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

Nearly Housebroken!

Introducing Riley! Riley is 10 months old and 36 pounds of fun. She’s well behaved, good with cats and dogs, and loves to be loved!

Riley is crate trained, and will go into her kennel on command. She is almost fully potty trained, but we should be able to say that she is fully potty trained soon! Riley is very affectionate with her people, and loves to shower them in kisses. If her person is sitting down, she’ll find a spot next to them and rest her head in their lap. 😊 

Riley loves playing with other dogs, and currently shares the house with another canine companions. She is always ready for a good romp or game of chase, and gets out a lot of her energy that way. If her furever family doesn’t have a dog, she’d be happy to get her energy out with some walks! 

One last thing: this gal is a snorer! But, snoring is so cute when it comes from sweet and lovable Riley. Think you’re ready to add Riley to your family? Then contact us today – Riley can’t wait to spend furever with you!

Athens Canine Rescue
P.O. Box 7064
Athens, GA 30604