Rio – Adoption Pending!


born ~December 2019

26 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!

Nearly House Broken!!!

“When you feel the rhythm of your heart, you fly.” – Rafael, Rio 

Introducing Rio! Rio is about four months old and currently weighs 29 pounds! Because he’s so young, he’ll likely get bigger and vets think he’ll end up around 50-60 pounds. That, however, is just an estimate, and we can never be sure! 

At just four months old, Rio is already basically housetrained! He sleeps in bed with his foster parents, and goes the entire night without any accidents! He also signals when he has to go outside by whining or standing at the door! As far as crate training goes, Rio would much rather be out with his foster parents and siblings playing! He cries for only a couple of minutes before settling down. 

Rio lives with other dogs in his foster home and does really well with them. Typical of puppies, he’s extremely playful but in Rio fashion, he’s respectful. He knows the cues from his siblings and listens to them, keeping space when they need it. You can often find him being chased (or chasing) around the yard, or cuddling with his furry friends. 

Our friend Rio is a little apprehensive of new people, but once he’s over it, he’s a butterball! He is working on not being intimidated by strangers. He loves his Foster parents, but isn’t extremely needy in terms of affection. He’s happy to cuddle, but will play on his own if he needs to. He is a dog who likes to be around others, and much prefers when he’s around another dog, or one of his humans. 

If you didn’t know Rio was a puppy, you’d have no idea based on his energy level! He is really chill – often sleeping in various spots around the house. He’s much more into cuddling and curling up with you, but will play if you want. He’s happy with just a few walks a day, though right now Foster Mom tries to switch it up with different activities to keep him on his toes! 


Rio is the picture perfect pup, all he needs is a home. Will it be with you? Contact us today. 


Athens Canine Rescue
P.O. Box 7064
Athens, GA 30604