Rosco – Adopted!!!


born ~March 2018

43 lbs.

Nearly crate trained


Welcome Rosco! Rosco is a ~10 month old puppy with the cutest ears! He currently weighs ~40 pounds, and should top out around 50 pounds once he is fully done growing.

Rosco is fully potty trained! He knows that the outside is where he does his business, and signals to Foster Dad by whining by the door. He is almost kennel trained, he just needs a little added encouragement to go into the kennel. Once inside, you won’t even know he’s there – he stays pretty calm and just sleeps while Foster Dad is gone.

Rosco loves having canine buddies around! He currently lives with another dog, and does great with him. Rosco is also a great dog park dog, and loves being a social butterfly and playing with everyone there. He tries his best to mind his manners, and is very polite to any dog he is hanging out with! We haven’t seen Rosco with cats, but due to his calm and friendly demeanor we think he would do okay with them.

Rosco is most content when he gets to take medium-long walks with Foster Dad, or when he gets to have a few play sessions throughout the day. He might make a good running partner once he gets a little older, as currently loud noises and cars spook him a bit. But, Foster Dad and Rosco are working on getting over that fear! Besides playing, Rosco also loves getting affection, but he isn’t demanding of it. Ultimately, Rosco just loves playing with his canine buddies and chilling with his friends (two legged and four legged alike!).

Think you’re the one for our sweet, gentle Rosco? Contact us today!

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