Roxy – Adopted!!!


born ~August 2018

46 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


My audience loves me. And I love them. And they love me for lovin’ them and I love them for lovin me. And we love each other.

Roxie Hart, Chicago 

Welcome Roxy! Our leading lady is just about two years old and full-grown at 46 pounds.

Roxy is crate trained and housebroken! She doesn’t go in the crate on her own quite yet, but she’ll gladly chase a snack in and rest quietly while she’s there. She has a bright mind and a knack for discovering human error, so she will find her way out if the latches are not secured properly. Luckily, she is perfectly well-behaved even when she’s not in her crate! Right now, she sleeps soundly through the night in the bed with her foster mom. If she needs to go out, she will signal by waiting at the door for human help.

Roxy is a star but not a diva. She loves to be the center of attention, but she is never needy about it, and she tends to match her energy level to the person she is around. If you say play, it’s game-on, and she will play forever. If you’re busy, she’ll entertain herself. And if it’s couch time, she’ll be right there by your side. She will gladly let you pet her as much as you like, but she gets the hint when it’s time to move on.

Roxy’s absolute happiest moment ever is when she gets to welcome her audience back home after a long day! She gets so excited that her whole back side just wiggles all over the place and her tail waggles out of control. And of course, one ear goes flip while the other goes flop – the look is quite a showstopper. After an exhausting day of entertaining the household, Roxy climbs onto the couch and buries her nose beneath the pillows and cushions until she finds just the right spot (ok, maybe she’s a tiny bit of a diva).

Roxy has not been around children or cats yet, but she gets along great with the other dogs she has met. She loves to play, especially if it involves being chased with a toy in her mouth. Being the star that she is, she loves to meet new people. She gets curious about strange noises, but she does not show signs of being scared. She seems very comfortable with the world around her.

Roxy is still young, so she has a lot of energy. Heavy duty play sessions and long walks would be great for her, but she would also make a fantastic running partner. So far, she knows the command “sit,” and with the right coach she will learn quite a bit more. She can be a little jumpy and mouthy sometimes, but she stops when she hears “no.” Her temperament is sweet and happy, and her energy is well balanced between play time and relax time. With just a little bit more training, she’ll be a perfect companion, following you around and basking in the glow of your presence.

Could Roxy be the next big thing in your life? If you’d like to give her an audition, contact us today!

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