born ~March 2020

15 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


The wilderness must be explored!” – Russell, Up

Welcome Russell! This handsome boy  is seven months old, fifteen pounds, and a bundle of fun! 

Russell is already housebroken and crate-trained. When he goes to bed in his crate at night, he keeps it clean until he’s able to go out in the morning. During the day, if he needs to go out, he’ll get a little antsy to let you know that he’s ready for a trip outside. When it’s time to go in his crate, Russell prefers to have a little encouragement, but he’ll waltz right in if there’s a treat or dinner waiting in there for him, and he can hang out in there happily by himself.

Russell lives in a foster home with other dogs and children, and Russell is a big fan of both. He loves to give attention and kisses to his human foster siblings and run around the yard and play with his canine siblings. When Russell meets new dogs or people, he can be a little shy at first, but he’s learning to come out of his shell a little quicker these days. He’s curious about new friends, but it takes him a second to work up the courage to go over and say hi. In fact, when he meets a new person, he gives them a sniff and then runs into Foster Mom’s lap, feeling proud of himself for doing a good job!

Russell is able to meet the level of energy that his surroundings offer. If everyone around him is looking for a couch and Netflix day, Russell is down to lounge and snuggle up — maybe even getting lucky enough for a popcorn kernel or two, but if someone is feeling feisty and wants to play, Russell is happy to oblige! As long as Russell gets a walk around the block or some time to run around in the yard, that should be enough to keep him happy and healthy.

Russell is ready to run into the lap of his new best friend! Could it be you? Contact us today!

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