Sally – Adopted!!!


born ~May 2018

30 lbs.

Crate trained!

Nearly housebroken

“I’m taking the advice of Theodore Roosevelt…speak softly and carry a beagle!” – Sally Brown, Peanuts Comic Strip 8/7/1974

Sally may not be a beagle, but is a pretty cute border collie mix! Lil Miss Sally is a 5 month old puppy who currently weighs about 30 pounds. We think she’ll top out around 50 pounds once she’s done growing.

Sally is almost potty trained! She has had some accidents in her crate, but let’s you know she has to go potty by hanging out by the door. We think with a little more time Sally will be accident free! Sally is crate trained, and has learned a hand command to go into her crate. She also gladly goes into her crate if provided a treat. 😊

Sally is good with kids and other dogs! When first introduced to kids, Sally may need a few moments to get over her shyness, but she quickly warms up to them. Sally tends to be a little shy with new canine friends. Once she realizes they just want to be buddies she goes straight into play mode! You’ll then find her wrestling, chasing, and trying to she her toys with her new buddies. As far as energy goes, she needs some short walks or a few play sessions with either her human buddy or canine buddy throughout the day to get her puppy energy out. Once she’s older, she could make a great running partner!

Sally loves to get affection from her people, but isn’t needy about getting it. She understands that her people can’t give her pets all the time, and will self-entertain by throwing a toy around or relaxing around the house. Giving her some nice head scratches is the best way to let her know you love her, as she will just melt right into you! Besides that, she loves chomping on some pine cones in the backyard, jumping like a starfish onto the couch, and just being around her people.

Think you’re the one for Sally? Contact us today and we’ll see if you’ll fit into her Peanut family!

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