Sandor – Adopted!!!


born ~May 2018

54 lbs.

Nearly crate trained


“I like dogs better than knights… A hound will die for you, but never lie to you.” – Sandor Clegane, Game of Thrones

Welcome Sandor! Sandor is a fun-loving one year old pup, and is mostly full grown at 54 pounds. He loves to play, but also loves to snuggle up close and give his people kisses.

Don’t want to deal with potty training? No worries, Sandor already has that down! Since our last update, Sandor has become more comfortable with his kennel, and is officially kennel trained. Sandor sleeps well in his kennel, and is comfortable while hanging out in it. He has learned quite a few commands, too. So far he has learned “sit,” “down,” “leave it,” and “off”; his Foster Parents are now working on teaching him “stay” and how to walk with a gentle leader.

Want a dog the loves both people and other dogs? Sandor has that covered too! He has done well with younger and older children, and generally just loves to be around his people. Sandor is ready to be your #1 friend from the start, with no awkward moments upon first meet. He currently lives with Foster Parents’ personal dogs and gets along well with them. Sandor gets very excited to play with other dogs, and loves being able to make new dog-friends at the dog park. Not only that, but Sandor is a rockstar at reading social cues from his play partners!

Sandor has a moderate amount of energy, but he is content with daily walks and play sessions; he doesn’t need hard play sessions to be happy. However, he would be a great dog for an active person / family, and could be trained to join the fam on runs or other outdoor adventures! One of his current favorite games to play is a special form of fetch – after he gets it, he’ll try to climb into your lap to play with his toy! Once playtime is over, be ready for a heavy duty snuggle session. If you’re too busy to snuggle, he’ll entertain himself with a toy while he chills on the couch.

Think you’d make a perfect cuddling and adventure companion for Sandor? Then contact us today!

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