born ~June 2015

36 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


Welcome Scrat!! Scrat is an absolutely adorable four year-old, 36 pound pup. He’s quite shy and unsure of things, but is slowly starting to come out of his shell! So far he seems to be a bit of a couch potato, and is good with other dogs. 

Scrat is already potty trained AND kennel trained! He signals by going to the door – but really just enjoys hanging out outside whenever he gets the chance. Scrat sleeps soundly through the night, and will go into his kennel on command. Once inside, Scrat settles down quickly and will just nap until Foster Mom returns. During his stay with Foster Mom, Scrat has shown off his incredible house manners – he does not beg for food while she eats – and knows the commands “sit,” “drop it,” “fetch / go get it,” “come,” and “go to bed.” Go Scrat!

Already have a dog? No worries, Scrat is good with other dogs, and doesn’t show interest in his feline friends either! He currently lives with two cats, and follows the old “if you leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone” policy. Young, two-legged humans can be a bit scary for Scrat, but as long as they are respectful Scrat could be fine with them, too. Generally Scrat is a bit shy with unfamiliar people, but given time will warm up and become good friends. Once you’re part of his inner circle, he’ll occasionally give you some nice, gentle kisses to show you his love. 😙

Scrat is becoming more confident as time goes on, and has shown a true love for playing fetch! He isn’t the best at actually catching the ball, but loves to go get it. He isn’t the most active dog, and is content with a game of fetch in the backyard or a nice walk every day. Besides that, Scrat is content to lounge around during the day, but especially loves it when he gets pets. 

Scrat has a unique talent – he is amazing at splooting! Foster Mom often finds him in a full sploot whenever she walks back into the room! Ready to see this talent in person? Then contact us today!

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