born ~June 2015

40 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


Welcome Scrat!! Scrat is an absolutely adorable four year-old, 40ish pound couch potato. He’s a little shy, but has become a lot more confident in his surroundings since first joining the ACR fam!

Scrat is potty trained AND kennel trained! He signals by going to the door – but really just enjoys hanging out outside whenever he gets the chance. Scrat will go into his kennel on command, and is content to sleep in the kennel or with Foster Mom at night. This guy has incredible house manners, and is perfectly behaved when riding in the car. Scrat also knows the commands “sit,” “drop it,” “fetch / go get it,” “come,” “go to bed,” and recently mastered “touch.” Go Scrat! One other thing he knows how to do, is to sploot – Foster Mom often finds him in full sploot whenever he lays down!

Scrat can take some time to warm up to new dogs, and currently lives in a multi-dog household. He currently lives with two cats, and follows the old “if you leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone” policy. Young, two-legged humans can be a bit scary for Scrat, so he would do best in a home without young children. Scrat has gotten over his fear of meeting new people, and will now accept treats and pets from them! If you’re lucky, he may even cuddle up with you at first meet! Once you’re his friend, expect to get some gentle kisses – and to be asked for lots of belly rubs! 

Scrat seems to have an ever changing interest in what he does to get his energy out. He first really enjoyed games of fetch, but has now moved on to playing with his toys. He doesn’t need much exercise to be content, so a short play session or a nice walk every day would be enough to keep him healthy. After that, Scrat is content to lounge around the rest of the day – but you may see him wiggling around trying to get you to give him a belly rub.

Ready to add this awesome pup to your family? Then contact us today – Scrat can’t wait to play fetch with you!

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