Spike – Pup of the Week!


born ~August 2017

60 lbs.

Crate trained!


Spike is Pup of the Week!

Welcome Spike!! Spike is a handsome 1.5 year old pit terrier mix, and weighs 60 pounds. Fun fact about Spike: he is a former ACR alum, who came back just as happy and energetic as ever after his family fell on some hard times.

Spike is potty trained! Spike is no longer the puppy we knew him as, and knows that outdoors is the place to go! Spike is also kennel trained – he goes into his kennel on command, has sweet doggie dreams in it, and keeps it clean when in there!  While Spike loves his kennel, he also does well when left with full reign over the house while Foster Mom is gone.

Spike currently lives with other dogs! Spike’s definition of a great canine buddy is one that loves to play hard and play often! He’s not good with cats though — he finds it too much fun to chase them. As far as energy goes, Spike is slowly slipping into a more laid back dog – but he still needs a good outlet to get his spurts of puppy energy out. He gets this energy out by playing with anyone who is willing, running around in the backyard, or through trying to find the best toy out of the toy box to chew on. Spike would do best with a family who has a doggy-friend for him to play with, or even a family who is looking for a four-legged running and hiking buddy! But, when adventure time is over, you can definitely expect him to try to shower you with affection and kisses!

Spike is a very friendly and extroverted dog, and loves hanging out with familiar people, strangers, and kids. Even though Spike has improved his manners since coming back to ACR – he does better at keeping all four paws on the ground – Spike still might do better in a home with older kids. Sometimes he forgets his size, and he might overpower smaller ones while he tries to shower them with kisses. He loves to show his affectionate side to his people, either through kisses or by snuggling with his person at night.

Think you’re up for being Spike’s adventure buddy? Contact us today!

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