born ~August 2017

62 lbs.

Crate trained!


Welcome Spike!! Spike is a handsome 1 year old pit terrier mix, and weighs about 62 pounds. Spike is currently on a diet to get his pounds to a little healthier weight. Fun fact about Spike: he is a former ACR alum, who came back just as happy and energetic as ever after his family fell on some hard times.

Spike is potty trained! Spike is no longer the puppy we knew him as, and knows that outdoors is the place to go! Spike is also crate trained. He’ll go into his kennel on command, has sweet doggie dreams in it, and keeps it clean when in there! Spike, however, will start babbling like a lil baby if he thinks other people are out having fun while he’s in the kennel. Foster Mom is currently working on letting him know that he can’t always be part of the fun, and that’s okay.

Spike currently lives with other dogs! He particularly loves having female canine buddies, as his current BFF is ACR adoptable Emily! He gets along fine with male dogs too, but just needs a little extra time to make sure that they’ll be a trustworthy buddy. He particularly loves canine buddies that love to play often and play hard! He is a very friendly and extroverted dog, and loves hanging out with familiar people and strangers! He loves kids too, but sometimes forgets his size so he might do better in a home with older kids. He’s not good with cats though–he finds it too much fun to chase them.

While Spike may not be a puppy anymore, he still has that puppy energy! His favorite thing to do is to play play play, with anyone who is willing! If he isn’t playing with one of his foster siblings, you can find him trying to find the best toy out of the toy box or laying on his dog bed chewing on a toy. Spike would do best with a family who has a doggie-friend for him to play with, or a family that loves long walks! He would also make a great running and hiking buddy for his future family!

Spike isn’t overly needy, but loves it when he can be the center of attention. If Spike is meeting someone for the first time, you can be sure that he will try his best to become their newest best friend!!

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