born ~July 2017

40 lbs.

Crate trained!

Nearly housebroken!

Welcome Starling! This 40 pound pit mix is around a year old, and is just about full grown. Unfortunately due to Starling’s severe case of heartworms, she will not be available for adoption until November when she is done recovering from heartworm treatment.

Starling is almost housebroken! She has only had a couple of accidents with Foster Mom, but we think she’s nearly got the hang of it. She is also crate trained, with the caveat being that she needs a little extra motivation (i.e., treats) to get her to go into the crate. Once inside, she will nap the day away and not make a peep! Since Starling is undergoing heartworm treatment, she cannot play as much with her friends (canine or human). After she is back to her usual self, we think that she would need a decently active house that is able to give her a few good play sessions or walks everyday.

Starling is also cat friendly! She does need structured introductions with them to make sure that she knows that they are friends and not things to chase. But, she currently lives with three cats and ignores them completely, and lets them lay next to her for their daily naps. Starling is also great with kids – she behaves well around them and is very sweet to them. Starling also loves to play with her doggy friends, especially if they want to race around the yard. If a dog tells her that they don’t want to play, Starling readily accepts that and moves on to playing with her human friends.

Not only is Starling the star attraction with her buddies, but she also loves to get affection from her human family. She will gladly accept pets, but if you are too busy she will self-entertain with some toys. Foster Mom also told us that besides getting attention, Starling loves to eat peanut butter… the only thing is she thinks that she isn’t quite sure how to lick it off, and ends up trying to steal the whole spoon!

Interested in helping fund Starling’s medical care so that we can help more dogs like her? Donations are accepted via our website, and you can contact us if you’d like to help out or get more information on this darling!

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