born ~July 2015

40 lbs.

Crate trained!



Welcome Starling! This 40 pound pit mix is around three years old, and is full grown. Starling previously had heartworms but she’s completed treatment and is ready to go to her forever home!

Starling is completely housebroken! She is also crate trained, and doesn’t make a peep when staying in her kennel while Foster Mom is gone. Starling eats in her kennel, and when it’s meal time she will politely go into her kennel and sit until her meal has arrived. Over these past couple months Starling has also learned the commands “sit” and “leave it,” and is working on the commands “lay down,” “stay,” and “come.” Starling does need help with her leash walking skills; she gets distracted by other dogs. Her and Foster Mom are working hard to improve them though!

Starling is cat friendly! She does need structured introductions with cats so she knows they are not things to chase. Once she knows they are friends, she does really well with an occasional reminder that cats like their space. One of former cat housemates was particularly fond of Starling, and they could often be found hanging out together and giving each other some love! Starling is also great with kids – she behaves well around them and is very sweet to them. Starling is not good with other dogs, however, and needs to be the only dog in the house.

Starling loves to get attention from her human family, and soaks up the attention that they give her. She will gladly try to shower you with affection, too – be prepared to get some Starling kisses if you’re around her! If her human-friend is busy, she will self-entertain with toys, or curl up beside you and nap. Starling loves peanut butter, and is still working on not stealing the whole spoon when trying to get the peanut butter off! Starling is happiest when she gets to get some energy out by running with her favorite ball, going on long walks, by going on some weekend hikes!

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