Tamsin – Adopted!!!


born ~ May 2019

40 lbs.

Nearly Crate Trained!

Nearly Housebroken!

“I think if you have a good night’s sleep, you can take on the world.” Tamsin Egerton

Introducing Tamsin! At just under a year old, we believe that Tamsin is just about fully grown! She currently weighs forty pounds and shouldn’t get too much bigger, making her the perfect size! 

Tamsin is almost house and crate-trained! She still has a few accidents (it’s hard, okay?)but she’s getting the hang of it pretty fast! She doesn’t have any accidents in her crate and sleeps through the night! Tamsin believes she is the life of the party and doesn’t want to miss out, so she prefers a treat or some food to get her in her kennel! 

Tamsin has been pretty shy with other dogs, and has taken some time to get used to the other dog in her home! Once she warms up, however, she does well! 

If there’s one thing in this world that Tamsin does love though, it’s people! She loves to give kisses to her new friends, and loves to get ALL the attention they give her! 

Tamsin is pretty moderate energy and does fine with a short walk or two, with some play sessions thrown in here or there! She’s usually up sniffing or asking for attention, but isn’t overly hyper in the house. 

If you’re looking for an adoring new best friend, Tamsin is your girl! Contact us today


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