Tango – Adopted!!!


born ~ January 2020

13 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!

Learning House-breaking!

“If you get all tangled up, just tango on.” Al Pacino 

Introducing Tango! Tango, and his two siblings, Eris and Echo, were recently added to the ACR family! The only brother in the bunch, Tango weighs 10 pounds and should get up to around fifty pounds. He’s only three months old, though, so time will tell! 

Tango is currently working on both house and crate-training! While he isn’t totally housetrained, Tango is already giving Foster Mom signals by walking away when he has to do his business. He loves his crate, and goes in there often. He even has succeeded in sleeping through the night and keeping his crate clean. He doesn’t protest too much when put inside, and seems pretty happy in his little den. 

Tango lives with another dog in his foster home, which happens to be a senior pup! He is very respectful of her, even in his youthful excitement. 

When it comes to people, Tango is pretty shy. He prefers to be close to Foster Mom when meeting new people, but seems to get over it quickly and makes new friends! He lives with children and does well with them! He’s a gentle pup and listens to directions well. He is affectionate and loves to snuggle up. 

Tango is very playful, which is to be expected of a pup! He gets plenty of exercise, whether that be in his yard, or walks, or chasing his little human, and that does a good job of tuckering him out. 

Something we just had to share about Tango is that he loves to watch the movie, “Secret Life of Pets 2!” Which sounds to us like he’ll be a wonderful movie date! 

It takes two to Tango, and Tango is looking for his ‘two!’ Is it you? Contact us today. 

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