Tempe – Adopted!!!


born ~April 2020

20 lbs.

Learning Crate Training! 

Learning House Breaking! 

Special Agent Seeley Booth : I wished for… I wished you could find happiness.
Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan : I don’t know what that means?
Special Agent Seeley Booth : Happiness. Love, laughter, friendship, purpose, and a dance.
Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan : Oh? Well then thank you.

Bones (TV Series), 2010

Introducing Tempe!

Tempe is approximately 9 months old and currently weighs 25 pounds, though we expect her to reach up to 35 pounds at her optimal weight.  Tempe came to us severely underweight and fighting a bacterial infection, but with some veterinary care and the continued TLC from her foster family, Tempe will be her best self in no time.

Like her namesake, Tempe was cynical of the world at first but is quickly learning what it means to be loved.  She is crate-trained and will sleep through the night, but has the occasional accident in her crate if Foster Mom doesn’t get up quite fast enough.  Tempe is nearly house-trained and is on the fast-track to learning that outside is the only place she should go potty.  Since Tempe has been focusing primarily on building her confidence and on achieving optimal health, she has not yet learned any commands, but according to her Foster Mom, she has become quite the professional cuddler.

Tempe was quite fearful of the world when we first met her, but she is improving greatly every single day.  She currently lives in a home with children and various other animals, including dogs, cats, and goats, and has passed all tests with flying colors.  With her feline friends, she approaches with a timid curiosity and is quick to back down.  She has gained confidence with her canine friends of various sizes and ages and is quickly learning the joys of playing with them.  Tempe has also been around children of various ages and loves winning their affection, so long as they are gentle and slow with her.  Big or small, it seems like Tempe’s very favorite type of friend is the human kind, and will happily indulge in as many couch snuggles as possible.

Tempe is not overly energetic and would likely do well with either short or long walks, or even a fenced-in yard to play in for her regular exercise.  Though she can get the occasional zoomies (especially upon waking!), she is overall fairly laid-back and wants more than anything to be around her people.  Tempe has been known to sit right on her Foster Mom, so she is likely a lap dog in training.  In either case, she is gaining confidence every day, and is so loving and snuggly.  Are you ready to show Tempe a lifetime of happiness?  Contact us today!

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