Tifa – Coming Soon!


born ~April 2015

11 lbs.

Nearly Crate Trained!

Nearly House Broken!

Welcome Tifa! This sweet little girl is 5 years old and just 11 pounds. Unfortunately, Tifa has some medical conditions, so she’s not up for adoption just yet. Stay tuned as she continues to heal! 

Tifa has been working hard on her potty training, and is almost there! She doesn’t know to signal when she’s ready to go out yet, but once she is let outside, she will go pretty quickly. Right now, she is let out every four hours or so, which is a good amount of time to make sure she doesn’t find a spot inside. She has mastered holding it through the night and stays in bed until you get up – she doesn’t want to lose her warm spot! In the crate, Tifa will go right in if she’s bribed with a treat, and if she’s in there when no one else at home, she settles down; however, when she knows people are home, she will make it known that she’s ready to be let out and join the party.

Tifa is tolerant of dogs and cats who keep their distance. With cats, she mostly ignores them, but if a kitty gets too curious, she’ll give her attempt at a tough growl to let them know they need to respect her personal space. With dogs, she does well with any of them who mind their own business and seems to love to cuddle up with them, but when it comes to play, she prefers to keep to herself and people, so she’s probably not going to be a great dog park girl.

Tifa really loves people, and even though she’s shy at first, she’ll warm up to a stranger and might even trust them enough for a quick nap on their lap. As she is getting more comfortable in her foster home, she’s becoming a lot more affectionate and will even give a kiss or two. If she’s isolated in a room by herself when she hears people, she’ll ask to be allowed to join! Although she doesn’t need to be in someone’s lap at all times, she definitely likes to stick close and curl up behind pillows or under blankets — Foster Mom always checks to make sure she’s not hiding behind a pillow before plopping down on the couch! 

She’s a pretty laid back chick and loves to lounge inside, but some of that may be due to her health. She seems to have some underlying issues that we are getting to the bottom of, but that hasn’t stopped her from trotting with her brothers and sisters down the block during her walks! When she’s not strutting her stuff, she definitely loves some quiet time chewing on a toy! 

Unfortunately, Tifa came to us from a puppy mill and has numerous medical issues that need to continue to be addressed. We know that she has a heart murmur/enlarged heart and a bad right knee that could need surgery. Please keep Tifa in your thoughts as we diagnose and begin treatment, and consider donating to help with Tifa’s medical costs and care.


Athens Canine Rescue
P.O. Box 7064
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