Timber – Adoption Pending!


born ~January 2017

65 lbs.

Crate Trained!


Welcome Timber!! This 65 pound Siberian Husky x Alaskan Husky mix is around 1.5 years old, and looking for a furever family to snuggle up with and a doggie sibling to play with.

Timber is housebroken! He hasn’t had a single accident with Foster Mom, and sleeps through the night without making any messes! Timber’s Foster Mom reports that he has made HUGE strides in his crate training. While he still needs extra coaxing to go into the crate, he is quiet once inside. There have been a lot of changes in his life recently – he’s gone from being kept in a small kennel as a yard dog to being welcomed to the ACR family as a house dog. Due to that he does have some separation anxiety and is slowly learning that new things (like TVs and vacuum cleaners) are okay and not scary! Foster Mom has already seen great improvement with him in the short time she’s had him. He is mastering playing at the dog park, adoption events, and long car rides. All Timber asks is that his human companions respect for him to approach new situations on his own terms (with the occasional support from Foster Mom). During times of extreme stress, Timber rocks his thundershirt and naps the insecurities away.

Timber is also feline-, human-, and dog-friendly! He met a cat at the local vet’s office during his check up, and was very polite. He was a little curious about the cat, but was otherwise disinterested in engaging with it. He has also met kids at the farmer’s market and did great with them – he was very gentle and just wanted to get all the pets and cuddles from them as he could 😊 Other dogs are also a great source of friendship for him. He currently lives with many other foster siblings of all sizes and genders, and loves to play with them. Timber is still learning all the different ways to play with his furry siblings, but currently is a champion at playing chase! Having doggie siblings provide him a lot of comfort so he’ll do best in a family with another dog. Plus, playing with a sibling is a great way to get a lot of energy out!

Timber can be quite shy at first meet, but once he realizes that you’re part of his people he will give you all the love you want and more! Foster Mom reports that he is his happiest when he is cuddling or getting pets, so his furever family should love dog cuddles as well. 😊

Think you’re the one for Timber? Contact us today to meet this sweet pup!

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