Tonks – Adopted!!!


born ~August 2019

30 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

Nearly Housebroken!!!

“My Head of House said I lacked certain necessary qualities…like the ability to behave myself” (just kidding, our Tonks is great!) -Tonks, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Welcome Tonks! This Boxer mix beauty and sister of ACR adoptable Draco is 10 months old and 30 pounds, but she may get up to around 40 pounds when she’s fully grown.

Tonks is almost housebroken and is now fully crate-trained! She’s able to hold her bladder until it’s time to go outside, but she may have an accident or two once in a while. Since being with ACR, she has mastered her crate-training. She’ll run into her crate on command for a treat, and when she knows that there’s a human around, she calmly relaxes and settles in for a nap, but if she thinks she’s alone, she might whimper a little to let people know she’s feeling lonely. Having another dog around helps with that though! Tonks has also been working on some tricks over the past weeks; she knows how to “sit” and is working on “leave it,” but she’s making great progress. 

Tonks was recently around cats, and she did great! Around other dogs, Tonks is submissive but very playful. She respects other dogs’ space but is secretly hoping that someone will instigate a game of chase with her. She’s grown in her confidence with her foster siblings, and she loves to play with them all the time. Her favorite activity is cuddling up with and smushing herself against other dogs on a fluffy dog bed, and since she’s so easy to get along with, Tonks should be a great dog park dog.

Tonks is an active girl! She needs someone who will take her on long walks, play fetch with her, take her to the dog park, and give her some outside time to get her wiggles out every day. As long as she’s had exercise, she is able to manage her energy level inside. Unlike her Harry Potter namesake, Tonks is well-behaved, even as a youngster! She is respectful of boundaries and is great about staying off of furniture.

With humans, Tonks is a little shy. She likes to size people up for a minute or two to figure out if someone is a friend, but she can be won over with a treat pretty easily. Once she warms up, her tail gets to wagging, and she is a total squiggle worm! Tonks absolutely loves pets and attention, and when she’s getting them, she grins from ear to ear and shows off her pearly whites. She would get attention all day if her human would let her, but she can be redirected to find something else to entertain her. 

Sweet Tonks is ready to work some magic and find a family to complete! Could it be yours? Contact us today!

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