Tony – Adopted!!!


born ~ January 2020

5 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!

Learning House-breaking!

Ziva “knew me better than I thought… Something hit me. I got this feeling, something I’d never felt before. In that moment, all I wanted to do was take care of [her].” – Tony, NCIS

Welcome Tony! Tony is the brother of Ziva! He is around 10 weeks old and weighs about 5lbs right now, but we expect he’ll be about 40-50 pounds of brindle love when he’s all grown up. 

Like brother like sister, Tony is doing well with the early stages of potty and crate training. He doesn’t have a signal to let Foster Mom know he needs to go outside just yet, but he’s on a consistent schedule and has lots of opportunity to potty where he’s supposed to. He already sleeps through the night in his crate, and he’ll even go in his crate willingly, as long as there’s something tasty enough to make it worth it! Once he’s in his crate, he’ll get settled in and keep pretty quiet as long as other dogs around him are doing the same.

Sweet Tony is a shy guy right now, and lets his sister do a lot of the talking. He’s working on gaining his confidence and will play with pups his own size, but he gets intimidated by dogs that are a little bigger than he is. He’s starting to entertain the idea of playing with those big dogs too, but he needs a while to warm up to the idea and prefers sticking to his comfort zone right now.

With people, Tony is shy at first, but once he gets curious and a little brave, he’ll trot right up looking for pets, belly rubs, and snuggles. Tony is a laid back guy, and after playing with his friends or his toys, he’s ready to nap hard — preferably curled up with his humans.

One of Tony’s favorite places to be is on a soft spot outside, taking in the sunshine. He’ll climb on top of whatever, or whoever, is in his way to nap on outdoor furniture, but he snoozes so hard he occasionally rolls off. When that happens, he just brushes the dirt off and hops right back up!

Would you like a snuggle buddy to make your time at home so much sweeter? Contact us about Tony today!

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