born ~April 2018

40 lbs.

Nearly crate trained

Nearly housebroken

Welcome Tripp! Tripp is an adorable 8 month old puppy who loves attention! He currently weighs ~40 pounds, and we expect that he’ll top out around 55-60 pounds once full grown.

Tripp is almost potty trained! He has the occasional accident, but overall knows that outside is for potty, inside is for cuddles. Tripp is kennel trained! He will whine a little bit if he hears his person, but quickly quiets down. Tripp is working on common commands with Foster Mom, and currently knows “leave it.” He is also very food motivated, which is great for learning tricks.

Tripp is feline-friendly! He currently lives with a couple cats, and just wants to snuggle with them. Sometimes he forgets that the cats don’t want to play with him, but leaves them alone after a quick verbal reminder. Tripp is also canine-friendly, and is very receptive to boundaries that his dog-friends set for him. When meeting unfamiliar dogs Tripp can be shy and submissive, soon opens up to them and just wants to play.  

Tripp is overall a laid back pup, who currently needs a few short walks or play times throughout the day. He is currently recovering from kennel cough, and we expect that he’ll be a little more energetic once fully recovered. Once Tripp gets a little older, he would make a great running partner – he just loves to run! When he isn’t running around with his buddies, you can find him wherever his person is. Tripp is definitely a people-person, and would rather be snuggling with you than playing on his own. 😊

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