Vera – Special Needs – Adopted!!!


born ~August 2020

30 lbs.

Nearly Crate Trained!


“Stick around long enough to be someone’s friend. Because true friendship, once recognized, in its essence is effortless.”

— Vera Nazarian

Meet Vera, our sweet and spunky girl!  This photogenic beauty is about a year old and weighs in at about 35 pounds, a perfectly medium-sized companion to take with you on all of life’s adventures.

Housebreaking and Crate-Training

Vera is already housebroken, which is great since she is currently spending a lot of time at home while she recovers from being hit by a car.  Her accident may have broken some bones but it certainly did not break her spirit.  Vera has been needfully subjected to some bed rest, or crate rest, while she heals from her pelvic fractures.  She has to admit, she’s getting a bit tired of it and doesn’t hesitate to tell you as much — freedom is so close she can taste it! — but she is learning that crate rest is essential not only for healing but also for when her foster mom is busy.  Other times, she is happy to go in her crate for food, toys, or just to rest when her foster mom is nearby.

Behavior around other Dogs, Cats, and Kids

Vera is generally good with other dogs, though slow and structured introductions are best.  Fast and sudden movements make her very nervous, likely due in part to having been hit suddenly by a car.  The same goes for children — Vera has interacted with children of all ages and loves older children, especially ones who understand that Vera needs to go slow.  In terms of the feline friends, Vera is definitely curious about them and barks, but she has not interacted with them directly.

Behavior around People

Vera’s spunky behavior lends to strong self-confidence, but in new settings and situations, she can also have a strong sense of stranger danger.  Slow introductions are key for this girl and in no time, she’ll be licking your face to say hi!

Exercise Needs

Like most young dogs, Vera does have some energy to burn. Vera has been completing physical therapy as part of her recovery and is starting to really come out of her shell! With her success, her foster family has begun to take her on hikes, and that includes playing in creeks and lakes they come across! Vera is a HUGE fan and will make a fantastic hiking buddy for whomever adopts her! 

Vera is a smart and sassy girl, quick to learn, and once you gain her trust, easy to love.  Are you ready to meet your new best friend?  Contact us today!

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