Virginia – Adopted!!!


born ~December 2017

40 lbs.

Crate trained!

Nearly housebroken

“(west) Virginia, take me hooooome!” – Singer John Denver asking ACR Virginia to become part of his family.

Welcome Virginia! This husky x shepherd mix is about 9 months old, and weighs just under 40 pounds. She still has some growing left, but we think she’ll top out around 50 pounds.

Virginia is almost housebroken! Given a little more time with Foster Mom, we think that she’ll have it mastered in no time! She is also crate trained! She will go into her crate for food and to relax. As she is part husky, she knows how to use her vocal cords, and will give you a wonderful a Capella concert from her crate if she thinks you’re trying to have fun without her. However, if Foster Mom asks her to quiet down she will end her concert.

Virginia is a friends with all dogs! She is a very happy-go-lucky puppy, and loves playing and wrestling with all dog-friends who want to play with her! She takes to correction very well, and doesn’t seem to get fixated on things, making her a very good dog to take to the dog park. These wonderful characteristics she has also makes us think that she would be fine with cats, although she hasn’t been around cats just yet. She also does fine with children, and adores the attention they give her.

Energy-wise, Virginia definitely has a lot of it. She will do best with a play partner, some heavy play sessions/day, frequent trips to the dog park, or going on fun jogs with her furever family. Her husky traits come out in that aspect, and also make her a very curious pup. That being said, she is very eager to please and honestly just loves having friends (human and canine!) around to love on and play with.

Think you’re the one that belongs with Virginia? Contact us today!!

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