Vulpix (Adopted!!!) and Eevee (Adoption Pending!)


born ~January 2021

6-8 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!

Learning House Training!

Introducing our Pokémon litter! These puppies are bunches of fun! Currently they’re about 6 weeks old and weigh about 6-8 pounds each. We believe that these puppies should end up weighing somewhere around 50 pounds, but that’s just an estimate and they may be bigger or smaller as they grow up.

The girls on this profile are Vulpix (black) and Eevee (tan).

Like most pups, they all have their own personalities and they’re still discovering what this world has to offer. Because of that, they can be molded into just about anything you’d like them to be! With proper socialization, they should be good with kids, dogs, cats, and any other animals that you’d like – you just have to invest in them!

Do you want to catch ‘em all? Contact us today about the Pokémon litter!

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