Waldo – Coming Soon!


born ~March 2015

43 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


Sitting back in the evening, stargazing and stroking your dog, is an infallible remedy. – Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Introducing Waldo! This low-rider has a bit of weight to put on yet, weighing just 43 pounds currently. We are steadily approaching his goal weight with a proper diet (and treats!). He is estimated to be about five years old, and his eyes tell a story. Waldo unfortunately was found in pretty rough condition. At his first veterinary exam, he was diagnosed with intestinal parasites, an ulcer in his mouth, and kidney disease. As we work to get him healthy again, he will need to remain with Foster Mom. We will post updates to his condition when we can.Waldo unfortunately was found in pretty rough condition. During his first few veterinary exams, he was diagnosed with intestinal parasites and Lepto. As we work to get him healthy again he will need to remain with Foster Mom. He is expected to recover with time, TLC, and a course of antibiotics. Lepto affects the kidneys and Waldo’s poor kidney values are in part what lead us to his diagnosis. The hope is he will regain most of his kidney function once the disease is treated but that will be a conversation for another update once he is treated and he is due for a recheck exam!

It looks to be that Waldo is already both house AND crate-trained! He keeps his crate clean, and is quiet when he’s in it – and to his Foster Mom’s delight, he doesn’t try to mark in her home! He doesn’t seem to have a signal yet, but will go out and do his business each time his Foster Mom says it’s time.

Waldo is really mellow with other dogs, and enjoys just a good camaraderie with other dogs, sniffing away with them in whatever yard they have access to. Waldo loves to meet new dogs and people – but keeps all four on the floor. He’s just an all around very calm boy!

True to his long-back brethren, Waldo is a lazy boy who enjoys a good nap or two (or seven), and doesn’t need much exercise! After a couple of walks, Waldo is happy to just lay around and cuddle with his human! You can tell Waldo is happy to be in a warm home with someone who loves him, and his gentle soul really shines more and more everyday.

Do you moonlight as a chef for your canine companions, and look for one more addition to your critique club? Waldo is on the job hunt! Contact us today!

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