born ~May 2018

35 lbs.

Crate trained!


“Any day spent with you is my favorite day,” – Winnie (Winnie the Pooh)

Welcome Winnie!! Winnie is a ~6 month old American Staffordshire Terrier mix who currently weighs ~35 pounds. We think that once she’s full grown she’ll top out around 50 pounds.

Winnie is potty trained! Foster Mom told us that Winnie sleeps throughout the night, and keeps her crate clean when Foster Mom is gone! Speaking of which, Winnie is also crate trained. Winnie will go into the crate on command, and will be even happier if she gets a treat for sitting so quietly and calmly! If Foster Mom is home, then Winnie may try to talk to her through her crate to remind Foster Mom that she’s still around; however, she’s quiet if she knows Foster Mom is gone!

Winnie is canine-friendly! She lives with two larger dogs, and gets along well with them. These dogs have been helping Winnie learn the do’s and do-not’s of the canine world. Specifically, Winnie has learned that no means no and how to be polite with her canine buddies. She can be a bit shy at first with new canine friends, but quickly warms up to them and just wants to play! We think she’d be a good fit for a person looking for a dog-park dog, or someone who wants a friendly companion for their own pup!

Winnie is still a puppy, so she still has lots of puppy energy left in her! She would be happiest with a family who is willing to heavily exercise her through long walks, play sessions (with people or dogs), or even running once she gets a little older! If she isn’t busy playing or trying to get her energy out, you can find her trying to get attention from Foster Mom, barking at vacuums, or getting into Foster Mom’s personal space to sneak in a few doggie kisses!

Think you’re the one to show Winnie what else life has to offer? Contact us today, and see if y’all are a match!

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