born ~July 2019

35 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!

Learning House Breaking!

“It’s hard not to fall in the love with a dog who has a good sense of humor” – Kate DiCamillo, Because of Winn Dixie

Introducing Winnie! Winnie is 10-month-old weighing in 35 pounds, but she could get up to 50 pounds once she’s fully grown.

She lives with several dogs, including her sister Josie! Both girls have been working on house training, crate training, and socialization with their foster family, and they are starting to really get the hang of it! Winnie is almost housebroken, and with a little more time, she should have that down. Right now, she sleeps through the night in her crate with her sister. When she goes in for the night or when Foster Mom leaves the house, Winnie will cry for a few minutes but will eventually settle in for a nap. Even though Winnie would prefer to hang out with her humans than spend time in her crate, she will voluntarily walk in on her own if she suspects there’s a tasty treat waiting for her!

Winnie is on the shy side, but she’s getting braver every day. She has been living in a home with multiple dogs, so she is used to being around others but prefers to be introduced to others dogs gradually so she can warm up to them. When she’s close to her people and feels secure, she’ll snuggle right up and act like an angel. 

This sweet pup has come a long way in just a week, but she’s ready to continue her progress with her forever family. She likes practicing her new party tricks (sit and stay), but after a little training session and chasing the tennis ball in the backyard for a while, Winnie just likes to stretch out and plop her head down on her paws and rest. As far as puppies go, her energy level is pretty laid-back!

Winnie is ready to win her way into her new family’s heart… could it be yours? Contact us today!


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