born May 2019

25 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

Nearly House Broken!!!

“I love weekends. Just like everyone else, I get to rest on weekends and go out with friends. I hate Mondays.” Kim Yuna

Introducing Yuna! This petite beauty is around 10 months old and currently weighs 25 pounds. We’re predicting that she will top out around 40 pounds, but as always, that’s just an estimate! 

Yuna is almost potty trained! She keeps her crate clean, sleeps through the night, and will potty outside, but she has had a few accidents in the house as she gets the hang of it. She’s a quick learner though, so we’re optimistic our girl will have it down soon! As far as crate training goes, Yuna’s got it down. She doesn’t love being in her crate, but she’ll go in with a treat and settle fairly quickly. 

Yuna has lived with both dogs and cats, and did well with both! She wasn’t interested in her cat companions other than to give ‘em a good sniff. She was also great with her canine counterparts, happy to snuggle and play. Because she’s on the petite side, she does seem to feel more comfortable with dogs her size, or smaller, but warms up to bigger dogs with time. 

This sweet girl is a little shy at first and then is happy to meet you! She’s an incredibly affectionate pup, and will wiggle her way by any means to cuddle with you (but she isn’t needy about it – very sneaky and sly.) 

As her confidence builds, Yuna will likely need more exercise but for now, she’s content lounging and snuggling with whoever is around for it. As she gets more brave, we could see her being a good dog park pup for an adopter interested in that! For now,a few walks and play sessions are enough to satisfy this girl. 

Yuna’s got a sweet smile and is looking for someone to share it with. Could it be with you? Contact us today! 


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