Zip – Pup of the Week!


born ~June 2020

60 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.” – John Grogan (Author, Marley and Me)

Zip is our Pup of the Week!

Meet Zip! This handsome boy is about 1 year old and weighs in at right around 60 pounds. He already knows how to sit and stay – what a smarty! Zip also LOVES to go in the car, especially if the destination leads to pup cups. Now all Zip needs is a furever family and he’s ready to take on the world.

Zip is already house broken and crate trained — what a good boy! Foster dad reports that he even already knows to signal when he needs to go outside, and he’ll do so by politely sitting by the door. He can be left for up to 5 hours during the day with no issue, and makes it through the night like a champ. Zip is completely comfortable in his crate, and will always go in on command and wait patiently until it’s time for him to come back out… if the crate is latched closed. This boy doesn’t want to miss any action, so any prospective adopters should be equipped with a couple carabiners to keep our pal Zip from helping himself out of his crate.

Zip adores dog friends and wants to play with every dog he meets… whether they want to or not. He’s working on taking no for an answer from less playful dogs, and doing great with his training! With structured introductions and continued training, Zip will be a wonderful playmate for any dog he may run across. Because of his playful demeanor, Zip needs to be in a home without cats. He’s just too much for feline friends, and can sometimes feel a little threatened by them. Cats and Zip alike would be happier to keep a nice healthy social distance!

This happy boy is the perfect combination of playful and chill. Foster dad reports that while he ramps up to play quickly, he will also calm down and relax just as fast. He’s up for whatever his people are doing! If it’s a dog park day, that’s awesome, but if it’s a Netflix binge kind of day, Zip is perfectly happy with that, too. Zip just wants to be where the people are, think Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Wherever you go, Zip would like to go with you, whether it’s to the kitchen or on a hike.

As far as people, Zip has never met a stranger! He’ll run right up to new people, ready to greet them with all the kisses he can give. He is incredibly affectionate and just wants to be a lap dog and get all the head scratches and pats. He can be a little overwhelming to people who are more wary of dogs, but rest assured, all this pretty boy is seeking is unending attention – and he doesn’t think that’s too much to ask!

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