Ziva – Adopted!!!


born ~ January 2020

5 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!

Learning House-breaking!

I’ve learned from Gibbs that you can sometimes attract more bees with honey.” -Ziva, NCIS

Welcome Ziva! Ziva is the 10-week-old, 5 pound sister of Tony. She’s the lighter of the two siblings and is full of personality and sass!

Because she’s a puppy, Ziva is just learning about potty training but is making good progress. Her Foster Mom keeps her on a schedule, so she gets frequent potty breaks but is learning quickly. In her crate, Ziva is able to sleep through the night and keeps her crate clean when she’s left alone. She won’t prance into her crate just on command yet, but when she’s lured in with food, she’ll walk right in and settle down as long as she doesn’t hear other dogs partying without her.

Ziva is a confident young lady, especially for her age, and once she grows up a bit more, we expect that she’ll waltz right up to anybody with ease. She’s been around a lot of dogs already, both big and small, and she likes to chat, play, and explore with others. But like a lot of sisters, she just LOVES bossing her brother around. Overall, Ziva is a playful gal, but she’s able to entertain herself as long as she’s got some fun toys or playmates around.

Ziva doesn’t know any tricks yet, but since she likes to interact and play with people, she’d probably respond well to some training sessions and learn quickly!

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