~70 lbs born ~April 2016 housebroken

Meet Remington! This big boy is already 70lbs and still has room to fill out a bit more! Remy was born around April of 2016 and is probably a Shepherd mix. With how large he is, it’s possible that he has some mastiff in him as well.

Remy is a great hangout buddy; his Foster Mom does crossfit and he just chills with whoever wants to hang with him! Loud noises (like free weights dropping) don’t faze him and he’s just happy to meet new people and sniff around. With that giant head and soulful eyes, Remy just likes to take it all in. One of his favorite past times is watching the ducks at Memorial Park and just observing his surroundings. He just sits with a curious grin, doesn’t get anxious, and learns what the world has to offer. When he is home with Foster Mom, he likes being in the same room as her but doesn’t need to be the center of attention.

The perfect home for Remy would an active household with little time left alone. He is fully housebroken and needs a decent amount of exercise – long walks do the trick. Though he is getting better, he still does not like the feeling of being alone or confined. When Foster Mom has to leave the house, he gets the run of the place with her other dog and does just fine. And if he’s with people, he’s a pretty mellow, sleepy pup 🙂 Whatever attention is offered, he’ll soak it all up. And even though he doesn’t show you with his kisses, you can tell he’s enjoying every bit of it!

Dog parks are another way to let Remy’s energy out as he loves playing with other dogs. His initial response is to be submissive and then he lets the energy out! He also does very well with children of all ages. If they’re offering some lovin’, he’s in! Though he has never been around cats face to face, he ignores the ones outside.

If you’re looking for a BFG, Remy is your guy! All he wants is to be a part of the pack and enjoy the little things in life. Put an app in for this fellow before someone else scoops him up!

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