~12 lbs born ~March 2016

Meet Ringo! This little fellow is what we’re going to call a “Chug-Weenie,” well, because he’s clearly got some Chihuahua in him, plus a stubby little pug nose, but then an elongated mini dachshund body! Ringo is probably right around a year old and only weighs 12 lbs but could stand to put some more meat on his bones. He loves other dogs and seems to be a hustle and bustle little man, always on the move!

Ringo is a lady’s man who is infatuated with his female counterparts. It’s too funny to watch him play with Bagheera – he can stand right under her without her noticing, then he zips in and out through her legs while biting at her ankles! Then Bagheera will lay down and wrestle gently with him while he bounces all over the place like a jumping bean! Ringo hasn’t been around cats but he may be a bit much for them. He loves children (well, all humans!) and just wants to be the life of the party. Though he gets along with any dog he meets, he gets overwhelmed at being bombarded by them, so soft introductions are best so that he can warm up to the new furballs. Dog parks probably aren’t the best place for him either since he isn’t Mr. Confident (at least not in the beginning of his relationships).

Even though Ringo isn’t the biggest fan of his crate, he only takes a few minutes to settle down. His foster sisters, Bagheera & Daphne, do great in their crate and he seems to be following their lead. Of course, if you’re home doing chores and decide to crate him, he’ll let you know that he’s there… When it’s dinner time, he runs right in without hesitation! Well, usually he runs into the wrong crate, but at least he’s trying, right!? Ringo is very food motivated and is working diligently on his commands. He gets distracted easily though, so he’s got a ways to go. His housebreaking is coming along great! Though I wouldn’t call him 100% housebroken, he’s certainly on the right track.

Ringo just loves the outdoors. He will sniff out every square inch of the backyard and make sure to let other pups know he was there! When entering a new home, he will mark once or twice but responds well to correction. He does NOT like the squirt bottle… and once he is neutered it should help. Even though Ringo is obsessed with his dog friends, he is still a pretty sweet pup to his humans too. If everyone else is settled down, he’ll curl up on Foster Mom’s lap for a snooze. When you pick him up, he just goes limp and basically lets you put him in whatever position you want! And he loves giving kisses when given the opportunity 🙂

If you’re looking for a playful fellow and you like to spend time outdoors, Ringo is a great match. He does very well with other dogs of all sizes and just wants to be a part of the gang! Hurry and meet this little man, he’ll make you want to keep him!

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