~43 lbs born ~February 2016 learning crate training nearly housebroken!

Introducing Torvi! Little Miss Torvi is a 44 lb Pit Bull mix and probably won’t get any bigger. She’s just over a year old and still learning that the world can be a fun and safe place. She LOVES her humans, but does better with small interactions rather than big, loud celebrations.

Though Torvi still loves being outside, she has finally learned to enjoy the indoors too 🙂 You see, Torvi has basically spent all of her life tethered outside and the great indoors was a strange and peculiar place to her, at first. She understands that her potty is outside and has caught on to housebreaking! Torvi is even crate trained! But she’s also proven that she can be trusted without one when home alone. She sleeps through the night with ease and if you’re looking for a snuggle bug, she’ll happily take the bed instead. New environments take a little warming up for her, but once she is acclimated, she relaxes and settles in just fine.

There’s a rambunctious kitten that shares a space with Torvi and she isn’t really phased. Sometimes she’ll sniff the furball, but usually doesn’t have any interest. Other dogs are a friendly site for Torvi and her tail just starts going and going when she sees them! She doesn’t require structured introductions and loves meeting new friends. Torvi hasn’t been to the dog park and does best on smaller play dates with less stimulation. When first meeting new people, she’s a bit shy. But once she warms up to you, she’ll follow you around like a little shadow and snuggle up every chance she gets! Though she hasn’t met any children, she’d probably do fine since she enjoys receiving pets and cuddles. Whenever it’s offered, Torvi is happy to get affection but she isn’t demanding and she will lay her head on your belly or in your lap in the most heart-melting way!

As noted before, Torvi can be a little timid in a new environment, so her list of things-that-scare-her is still a little on the long side. Loud noises, vacuums, and blenders are best kept away from Torvi. For the majority of the time, she’s a calm pup, but if there’s a loud noise or sudden movement, it’s pretty easy to scare her. She thoroughly enjoys long walks but needs a route without a lot of commotion – loud cars, lots of people, etc will all be ‘normal’ to her eventually, but she’s still adjusting.

When Torvi is in her element, she’s usually playing with another dog – her tail gets a waggin’ and her worries evaporate! Which gives us a lot of hope that she’ll eventually overcome her fears and settle into the real world just fine, with a little more time. Her sweet and loving demeaner will make you want to snatch this little gal up, so put in an application before she’s no longer available!

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