Trey – Adopted!!!

~70 lbs born ~November 2012 crate trained housebroken great with dogs & children

Introducing Trey! Trey weighs 70lbs and lives with both small and large dogs. So far, he has proven to be housebroken, cuddly, a bit nosey, and 100% adorable. At 4 years old, he has a great demeanor and isn’t needy at all. Playing is certainly something he enjoys but he is good at matching the energy level of his playmate – so if they want to run around and do some intense wrestling, he’s up for it! But if they’re not quite as crazy, Trey settles down too.

Trey is a confident fellow. When meeting new pups, he trots right up to them and politely sniffs. All he wants to do is make new friends (dog or human) so he gets excited when there are other dogs around, but he does pretty well on a leash and his attention is easily refocused. Trey currently lives with Miles who he is teaching how to be more confident. Hopefully overtime, Miles will be just as proud as Trey when he walks around! It’s too cute to watch Trey explore – his tail never goes down! He has a daunting trot, tail straight up, looking to find where the new smells are to sniff. With a play date or two a day, or a couple of walks, Trey would be perfectly content. For the holiday season he’s been spoiled with family being home all day, which has made him quite the lazy boy. When it’s time to go in his crate, he doesn’t question it (though sometimes a treat is helpful..!). He’s quite the smart young chap – already knowing how to sit, shake, lay down and roll over!

Though there are no kids in his current household, Trey absolutely loves children! He’ll take any attention he can get. If Foster Mom is busy an can’t play with him, he’s perfectly content chewing on a bone or curling up on the couch. There hasn’t been one accident in the house, nor has he tried marking anything inside. He can stay in his crate for a full work day with no issues at all.

If you’re looking for an easy dog who has already grown out of his adolescent stages, Trey is perfect! He’s already very well trained, a great listener, complete and total cuddlebug, and such a laid back guy. He does well with dogs and children, so what’s not to like? The only thing he needs to work on is leash walking past squirrels, but come on! Who can blame him!? Squirrels are simply tennis balls thrown down from heaven!

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Rainey Lynch

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